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09 September 2018

SFT Dongle v1.0.14 Latest Cracked Free


Today we're releasing SFT Dongle v1.0.14 latest crack. This team is very slow on updates but I hope everyone enjoy once more the latest update and if find interested you can buy original tool.


This dongle is a multi-platform dongle that can do a wide variety of operations such as FRP Removal, Read pattern, flash and alot more. Go ahead and give it a try or visit official site for more details!

Support download firmware:

Cracked by GSM_X_Team

What's new: Infomation (click here)

How to use:

1.Download and install

2. Run shortcut on desktop (As Admin ALWAYS!).



Bug Fix Instructions:

1. Download  the bug fixed loader above and Extract loader.

2. Copy and replace old loader in install directory.

3. Run shortcut on desktop and Enjoy!


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