FRP Tool

Reset FRP MediaTek Generic [Fastboot Mode]
Reset FRP Huawei Spreadtrum [Fastboot Mode]
Reset FRP Motorola Qualcomm [ADB Mode]
Reset FRP Qualcomm Generic [Fastboot Mode]

Unlock Bootloader
Mediatek Generic [Fastboot Mode]
Huawei Speadtrum [Fastboot Mode]
Qualcom Generic [Fastboot Mode]

Spreadtrum Android (SPD)

Repair IMEI - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB
Repair Wifi - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB 
Repair BT - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB
Factory Reset - [DIAG Mode] - NO ROOT NO ADB

Malware tools

* Application manager for Android phones.
This function allow to manage installed phone applications.
Disable[freeze], enable, uninstall[not work for system packages], clear application data.
* Added possibility to add application directly in virus database.
For this application not need root.
Need root only to freeze system applications.

* Malware database manager.
Allow to add, or delete malware entries.

* Malware Remove.
Malware remove read malware list from Malware DataBase and perform cleaning[deleting]
For this function need root and busybox installed.
Without busybox will fail on removing some malware files.


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