UFI Software Version

!!! WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly !!!
eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: [Oppo] MasterClear in USER AREA PART tab, Special Task
ADD: New eMMC5x FFU files for eMMC5x Field Firmware Update
BUGFIX: UFI Lite connection issue
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Oppo EngineeringMode Task in ADB tab, Special Task
ADD: [Oppo] MasterClear for Qualcomm and MediaTek, Special Task
Wipe Data & App Data - Remove user lock, FRP and third party app
Wipe Data Only - Remove user lock
Wipe App Data Only - Remove FRP and third party app
Format Data - Format all user data
ADD: External Loader selection list for Qualcomm firehose and MediaTek DA and auth (Click on the label)
BUGFIX: MediaTek keep in DA mode issue fixed
BUGFIX: Auth specific routine improved
BUGFIX: Nokia Fastboot flashing issue for (Qualcomm platform)
BUGFIX: Oppo MediaTek flashing issue with error S_PRELOADER_INVALID
BUGFIX: MediaTek flashing issue with error S_FTHND_FILE_IS_NOT_LOADED_YET
BUGFIX: Oppo EDL flashing with VIP issue

Bootloader Authorization service is limited as "Bootloader Authorization" which is required for Identify, Flashing, Read, Write, Erase and Special Task menu
If Bootloader Authorization request fails, you may retry 2 more times at no cost
For any issue and refund claim because of software bugs, you may write an email to support[at]ufibox.com, please include your detailed logs
There are 4 scenarios in [Oppo] Master Clear operation
For easy understanding, will explain by using two popular user lock issue in Android,
There is a User Lock (Pin/Passcode) and FRP (Google Account).
And we have also User Data Files: User Apps(include contact and SMS), and Media Files(music, pictures, videos)
1. Wipe Data & App:
This will clear User Lock (Pin/Passcode), and FRP (Google Account), User Apps but will not remove media files.
2. Wipe Data Only:
This will clear User Lock (Pin/Passcode), but not remove FRP (Google Account), and Media Files.
3. Wipe App Data:
This will not Clear User Lock (Pin/Passcode), but will bypass FRP (Google Account). All User Apps and Media Files will stay intact.
4. Format Data:
This will clear User Lock (Pin/Passcode), User Apps and Media Files, but not remove FRP (Google Account).

From the description above, you can adjust according to your customer's needs, and negotiate the highest costs possible.

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