When we download one huawei flash file
like emui 9.1 emui 10.0
we can get 6 *.app file
like this
And we are flash it need like the pics,
ptable.app first
then update.app

Now we can make one txt file
put all the file name inside and use mrt hw flash tool you can select it
make flash it in the one time

As we know;if mobile has frp and huawei id;we can not downgrade mobile version emui10 to emui9.1
or like emui9.1.226 we can not downgrade to emui 9.1.193

But with mrt,it is Possible!!!
and sure 100%%%%
how to do?

Take one save mobile version flsah file
and take it verlist save to same file with what i want to right

ex,i take emui10.0.0185 flash file,use mrt take the base_patble,cust_ptable,preloader patble,base update,cust_update,preload_update....
save to same file name.like base_patble.app save same Folder base_patble.app_verlist

Then you can flash it!!!
even downgrade!!!
The flsah txt file we are still same before

Like this,when flashing mobile,auto replace the flsah file verlist form we are creat!!!

Also you can take L29 verlist put in the AL00 and make Transformation

ex,take vog-L29 verlist and put in the VOG-AL00

flash it!!!

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