MTK Auth Bypass Tool V17:

- added dump eMMC EXT_CSD in MetaMode and parse! registers.

in case if eMMC Info found in /proc/bootdevice mnt 😉.

- Reset/Wipe Nvram for some devices in MetaMode (reset both imei's to FFFF).

- this is actually some kind of re-implantation or fix for tool i made last year for ext_csd dump now fixed to work with secure devices.

highly recommend to use SP Api for non-reentrant version of META calls (AP/SP - with USB).

- fixed reboot from preloader mode to meta mode (useful for fused LG and Nokia and some devices which can't enter brom mode without test point (MT6771, MT6763, MT6762G)

- fixed remove temp/un-used dirs.

Phase out :

- Vivo Demo Remove (due to stability and boot mode set API's)

please use previous versions for this feature.

Note : currently you need to re-start!! the software after each meta operation in case if you didn't tick use SP Api - will be fixed later.

Metacore api modem funcs modifications by zishuo.

hoping this will be helpful for gsm technicians.


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