MTK META Utility V66 :

- Added Convert Ext4 Sparse (compressed) files to Non-sparse files, now you can modify the sparse files content after convert to ordinary ext4 (for now applied to system level ext4) super and METAData (compressed) will be added later.
However, for now you will be able to modify (Write/Delete) Non-compressed super images (for system and other you can convert then modify).
- Removed the specified (.img & .bin) extension file loader, now you can select any ext4 files without extension check.
- Ext4 file preview option revised & optimized (the software will rename the temp file with the original extension) - In order to be able to view files with the default Windows system APP.
- Added Exit BRom mode for (Samsung Galaxy A13 5G), if the device stuck at BootROM mode due to corrupted PGPT table - Enter BRom with (MTK META Utility V42), A13 5G uses MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 CPU :
- SM-A136U
- SM-A136U1
- SM-A136W
* To Exit MTK Port (Write EXT_PATH/SAMGPT/A136U_pgpt.bin as USER_SECTION) device will boot to system normally.
$ - This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.
In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software, please only use for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones, and must not be used for illegal purposes.
- USE it at your own risk.


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