MagicCFG 2.1 iOS 16/15 Get Purple Mode in iPhone/iPad Change Serial Without DCSD Cable, Download MagicCFG iDevice Nand Programming Software. Mac tool M1 and M2 support.

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  1. You can read and write Devices’ sysCFG, a secret part the NAND chip. You can change DClr, which stores the color of the boot screen(black or White)
  2. You can Flash sysCFG Templates / Backup and restore sysCFG of iDevices. This means you can Upgrades Storage of iDevices without removing NAND by the Hardware method. It Supports 32 and 64bit iDevices.
  3. You can Disable Japanese and Korean Camera Shutter Sounds with this tool.
  4. Flash Arudino Checkm8 A5 like CPID 8940,8942, and 8945 with one click by this Software.
  5. Unlock MDM and iCloud locked Ipads and iPods (Wifi Only models) by this tool.
  6. MagicCFG Diagnostics allows you to check the whole device’s chips and components ( checking Tristar, making memory test, checking NAND health, reading and analyzing voltage, temperature, and ICs) with one click. (upcoming features on MagciCFG)
  7. Fix Trutone features for your iDevices. (Upcoming Features)

MagicCFG 2.1 iOS 16/15 Get Purple Mode in iPhone/iPad Change Serial Without DCSD Cable


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