UMTv2/UMT Pro IOS Ramdisk

This is For Checkm8 Vulnerable iDevices !


- iPWNDFU For (Mac or Windows)

- Win7-X64 / Win8-X64 / Win10-X64 / Win11-X64

- Microsoft NetFramework 4.7.2

- iTunes Installed

Supported iOS Versions: [11.X | 12.X | 13.X | 14.X | 15.X | 16.X]

Important info:

Info for Models to use PWNDFU

iPhone 6s/6s Plus use Eclipsa8000 PWNDFU Script

iPhone 7/7 Plus / iPad Pro 10.5-inch use Fugu PWNDFU Script

iPhone 8/8 Plus / iPhone X / iPad Pro 9.7 / iPad Pro 12.9 use Gaster PWNDFU Script

iPad Air 2 use Eclipsa7001 PWNDFU Script

iPad Mini 4 use Eclipsa7000 PWNDFU Script

Important Note 2:

This Module s based on EMMC/HST Addon activation. Your card must have this activation in order for this module to work for you.


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